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Building & Safety

The current Order of the Santa Cruz County Health Officer allows all types of permitted construction activities to occur, if carried out in compliance with Appendix B Construction Site Requirements (click here).

Scheduling a Building Inspection

    Attention:  Inspections shall be scheduled as follows,

    "Inspections may be scheduled Monday through Friday only, no later than 3:30pm on the business day prior to the requested inspection date."

    Inspections may be scheduled for all areas on the following days:

    Monday through Thursday.

    Friday inspections are limited to A.M. only and as noted below.

    Note:  The following types of inspections may not be scheduled for Fridays :  Final inspections and complex inspections. When in doubt about whether your     inspection  may be scheduled for a Friday, please contact you inspector prior to scheduling the day before.     

    Inspections may be scheudled using the online inspection scheduling tool located below. Once you have completed and sent the inspection  request form, a confirmation email will be sent indcating that your inspection has been received and scheduled.

    Due to the high volume of inspections and the uncertain length of each inspection we cannot make specific appointment times for inspections.  However, you may call your inspector on the morning of the requested inpsection between 8:00 and 9:00 am to verify the inspection time frame, typically a two to three hour window.

     Inspection Districts and Inspector Contact Phone Numbers:

Boulder Creek Taichi Dean 454-2716
Felton Anthony Malich 454-2297
Live Oak Raison Dean 454-3191
Aptos Nickolas Todisco 454-3214
Watsonville Stefan Hayward 454-2826
Floater Martin Benson 454-2859
Senior Inspector Sean Livingston 454-3096

Inspections may also be scheduled using our automated phone inspection scheduling system, (831)454-2077.  When using this system you will need the follwing information from your permit card:

1) The permit number,

2)The project address,

3) The nearest cross street,

4) The day the inspection is requested,

5) A return  phone number for contact,

6) Any special instructions such as gate codes.

Please speak slowly and clearly.  Partial or unclear requests will not be scheduled.

Thank you