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News and Announcements​

  • New 2019 California Codes  – Effective 01/01/2020
    The 2019 California Codes will be in effect January 1st, 2020 for building permit applications. Permit applications accepted for review prior to 2020 remain under the 2016 California Codes.

    To be accepted for review, submittals must be complete in all respects, include all required supporting documents such as Geotechnical reports, and pay intake fees. Most permits are required to submit using ePlan and meet the electronic submittal requirements to be accepted for review.

    Based on the anticipated year end volume, it is recommended to initiate new building permits before 12/16/2019 if desiring to be under the 2016 codes.
  • Notice of Availability of Final EIR, Volume 2 for Nissan of Santa Cruz
  • The Final EIR, Volume 2 can be viewed at the following link: Click here
  • Attention Multifamily Project Applicants!
    Find out if your project is eligible for streamlined SB 35 review using the SB 35 Streamlined Review Guide and Application Form.
  • ePlan – Over 354 Permits Issued!
    September 01, 2019 – ePlan electronic submittal is required for building permits. Submit applications and plans 24/7/365 with the simple, cost saving, and eco-friendly ePlan. Express Plan Check permits may be submitted using ePlan or paper.
  • ePermit – Instant Permits!
    Contractors and Homeowners can process, pay & print permit cards online! Most projects meeting the over-the-counter (OTC) criteria, that do not require plan review, can be processed using ePermit. Please submit an online account request at ePermit.

    OTC examples include: Reroofing, water heater replacements, minor electrical alterations & service panel replacements, forced air & air conditioner unit replacements, minor mechanical alterations, minor plumbing alterations, window replacements (like for like), sheetrock/siding/stucco replacement, and fireplace inserts.

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Survey - Attention ADU Property Owners! The County has created a survey to help improve our ADU program. If you own an ADU in Santa Cruz County, please complete our survey on the Accessory Dwelling Units website.
  • March 26, 2019 - The County has reached its limit of 250 Hosted Rental Permits. The Hosted Rental Program is full; no additional permits are available at this time.
  • Safe Structures Program Has Been Launched.
    This program certifies qualifying unpermitted construction as safe, habitable, and a low priority for code enforcement. Click here for eligibility criteria and an explanation of the program.
  • Short-Term Rental Permits Required.
    Short-term rentals are residential rentals less than 30 days. Homeowners must obtain permits to operate Hosted Rentals (short-term room rentals) or Vacation Rentals (short-term whole house rentals). Want more information? Check out the Hosted Rentals and Vacation Rentals websites.
  • Interactive ADU Website.
    The County has developed tools to help homeowners make decisions about building Accessory Dwelling Units. Check out the "Basics", Design, and "Financing an ADU" guidebooks, GIS tool, fee and cost estimators, financial assistance programs, and more, all on the Accessory Dwelling Units website!
  • Did You Know? ADU Permit Fees Have Been Reduced!
  • Starting January 2, 2019, ADUs 640 square feet or smaller do not pay planning permit fees. Use the fee estimator to calculate your savings!

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